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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1969 BSA Rocket 3

The BSA Rocket Three/Triumph Trident was the first true modern superbike and the last major motorcycle developed by the original Triumph company.
It was to be sold under both the Triumph and BSA marques.
The Rocket3/Trident was the first-step development of Triumph motorcycles' plan to move on from the basic vertical twin. The engine was to give the 750 cc power required by the US market while avoiding the vibration associated with an increase in capacity of the existing parallel-twin design.
During its production run BSA fell into financial troubles, and over the course of the official seven year model run approximately 27,480 Rocket3/Tridents were produced. By comparison, around a quarter of a million Gold Wing motorcycles were manufactured during its first seven years. - Wiki.
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