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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bullet Proof Suzuki GSX1100

Dave Hiscock winning the second New Zealand Six Hour production race on the GSX1100 in 1979.

Powerful, strong, torquey, and heavy the 120 bhp donk was popular with the drag racers of the time.
It was not uncommon to get 300 bhp with a turbo added.
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Ivan is not afraid to putting his machine through its paces at the recent Motorcycle Bonanza at Broardford.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Shadows

Vincent owners love to brag about all the innovations that are incorporated into their motorcycles.
Modern motorcycle manufacturers are just lately catching up with what Vincent did 50 years ago.
But that is also why a Vincent cost as much as a house way back then.
In 1955 Christchurch New Zealand Russell Wright Vincent - HRD 998 cc (60.9 cu in) 184.83 mph
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yamaha XS650 - Those where the days.

What is it about the Yamaha XS650 that is so appealing? The handling was not that good; it was not that fast... It is not a classic British 650... But still, it is so popular. Is it just because it is beautiful? I used to drag them on my Titan, which was hard to beat once I got her into third gear and at the right revs. Changing up would slow me down though.Those where the days. To see more of my paintings click - HERE

The XS650 was popular with flat trackers to.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The first ride on the first bike.

The day after I became a legal rider, a Ford Galaxy driven by a drunk Sergeant Major coming home from the Sergeants’ Ball turned in front of me while I was playing boy racer, head on the tank, flat out down the Watsonia hill. I hit the rear panel with quite some force. The Suzy stayed put in the side of the car while I did my Evel Knievel impression. The world went into slow motion as I flew gracefully through the air. In one great swallow dive I traveled at least two house blocks and landed on my back sliding another house block, shaken but not stirred.

Luckily I had borrowed my father’s suede safari jacket, remember it was 1972, so not a scratch. Well, the jacket was OK but I had a large gash through my thigh which contained some pearl white paint from the Galaxy. It was totally the Sergeant’s fault, so the up shot of all this was that the Suzy would get a proper front end rebuild at the sergeant’s expense.
The Suzuki Titian 500 would be better than ever, so the whole episode was well worth it.
The Suzuki 500 was bought as a crashed wreck; some poor soul had bought the farm on this one. So with the help of Wim the Racer, we began the process of getting her back on the road. Parts were a plenty in those days and cheap if they came from the wreckers... Still the wait to get her back together was excruciating.
Riding tall in the saddle, the smokey Titan turned a boy into a man. 1972 was a big year for the artist. The dream had come true. I wonder where it is now, I would love it back.