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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hesketh the gentlemans tourer.

There where high hopes for the first British motorcycle in a long time but only about 250 Hesketh V1000 where ever built. The engine alone weighed in at 220lbs (100kgs) and unreliability plagued the first batch, however it remains a beautiful looking machine. Being so rare I always wondered if I would ever see a Hesketh in the flesh and low and behold a mate of a mate has one. He bought it from a museum and it is a very impressive machine.

To bad it was not a success and good on Lord Hesketh for having a go. In the end he just ran out of money. The rooster is the Hesketh logo.
Maybe the name or the concept of a British V twin will surface again one day. I hope so.
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