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Saturday, May 24, 2014

VIKING BAGS - Viking Sport Tail Bag

Recently MOTORCYCLE HOUSE AUSTRALIA asked me to do an honest review of one of their bags. OK, Honest?  I was prepared to cast a very critical eye over this product, and I did. 

Meet my new daily ride bag, the Viking Sport Tail Bag is that good.  I love this bag. I have spent some time with this bag and wish I had acquired one sooner.  For years I have soldiered on with the classic framed floppy motorcycle bag and they have performed well but those days are over; its time to up grade. No more strapping a backpack or camping bag with multiple untidy bungy straps all over the back of my sport bike and damaging the paint work. The new generation is here and it is a leap ahead in design, construction and affordability.

This fantastic bag from Motorcycle House is very well made, stylish and has many useful features.

The first impression might be that it is a small bag but it is surprising how much gear you can get into it. Cleverly there are two zips around the sides of the bag, once undone increase the size of the bag considerably. There are side pockets to help organize your stuff and in the lid has sections for pens and your paper work.  I managed to fit a pair of jeans, a hoody, two t-shirts, socks and undies for two days, book, beanie, toiletries, map and small water bottle easily. Really, how much more do you need on a sports bike?

This bag can be locked with a small padlock through the zips and it comes with a rain cover if you get caught out in it.

If you still need more storage then this bag has four slip out click buckles to which you can attach a set of saddle bags. Check the MOTORCYCLE HOUSE AUSTRALIA website.

My favorite feature - the bungy straps are part of the bag. They are easily removable but can remain with the bag when it is taken of the bike.  This bag can also be a great addition to any bike not just a sport bike.

The bag comes with a comfortable carry handle and also a carry strap so the bag can be carried hands free. 

True there are similar bags in the market but at the price that Viking Bags are selling they have to be on your list. This bag has all the features of the expensive products, is extremely well made, strong, looks good and should last a long time... and the low price!

I can totally recommend the Viking Sport Bike Tail Bag from MOTORCYCLE HOUSE AUSTRALIA 



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