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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VikingCycle Angel Fire Motorcycle Jacket

The Motorcycle House asked "Please do an honest review of our Angel Fire Jacket."  Ok, I checked the website, saw a cheap jacket, ok this can't be too great.  Sure I will do it but I was not expecting much.  

What a surprise.  What a shock.  This jacket is amazing for an amazing price.  I have been riding bikes for over 40 years and plenty of jackets have come and gone.  I still have my first jacket, a Lewis Brandon style the same style as this jacket from The Motorcycle House. I have a soft spot for Brando style jackets, I was hoping this one would be good. It's a modern version of the old favourite.

The quality of this jacket is fantastic.  At first I thought it a light jacket just for cruisin the burbs but after a couple of long rides in winter weather and a ten minute shower I am impressed. This jacket has a quilted polyester lining which I thought felt a bit thin at first but it works well.  My first impression was that this jacket is too comfortable to be much good in the real world of road riding at speed and in cool weather but it surprised me with its ability to keep the elements at bay. A vest from Motorcycle house would be a perfect combo.

Brando jackets are an under rated style I reckon. They are very flexible.  Buckle and zip it up and the generous overlaying layers under the zip keep the wind out more so than a couple of expensive sport jackets that I have. When summer comes it is easy to let a bulk of breeze in by just opening the neck, so the best of both worlds. I have soldiered on with other jackets in the Aussie summer and on some days nearly passed out from heat exhaustion but the Brando jackets have been best in this situation and this jacket from the Motorcycle House is as good as any of them and at this amazingly low price.

The details are good.  Zips, pockets, studs, lining and leather all come up to scratch.

The only negative for me is that there is no armour at all in this jacket. For lay back cruising the mean streets that is fine but definitely not for the track days.  Still I would like a couple of layers over the elbos at least but then the price might not be as low as it is I guess. The Motorcycle House has other jackets for those days. I am 6 foot (183 cm) tall, medium build and I have a 3xxl jacket but I could get away with a 2xxl for sure but I like to be able to wear a hoody under my jackets for when it really gets chilly.

I highly recommend the Angle Fire from The Motorcycle House, for the low price it is a winner.  For more details check The Motorcycle House website.


  1. Great review, gasblogger!
    This could be just the ticket for me- I live in HCMC, Vietnam- need something light, but strong for riding around here. Brando style's always cool, too! ta for the heads-up

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